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Renewing Orange & Rosewood Facial Cleanser  150mls

Renewing Orange & Rosewood Facial Cleanser 150mls

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A circulation boosting and skin appearance renewing cleanser with complex compounds found in Rosewood to help your skin’s natural renewal process, with stimulating orange for healthy circulation. Designed for dry, sluggish skin, this fresh & fruity cleanser also contains an anti-aging olive extract & Vitamin E.

To Use

Apply a pea size amount to your finger tips and gently massage the cleanser over your face and neck areas.  Using a damp warm cloth remove the cleanser from your face, gently wiping the cleanser away - ensuring you remove the cleanser from every part of your face and neck. 
Splash cool water over your cleansed face and pat dry with a soft towel. If contact is made with eyes, rinse with clean cold water